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Flat plate solar systems were perfected and used on a very large scale in Israel. In the 1950s there was a fuel shortage in the new Israeli state, and the government forbade heating water between 10pm and 6 am.


Levi Yissar built the first prototype of an Israeli solar water heater and in 1953 he launched the NerYah Company, Israel's first commercial manufacturer of solar water heating. Despite the abundance of sunlight in Israel, solar water heaters were used by only 20% of the population by 1967.


Following the energy crisis in the 1970s, in 1980 the Israeli Government passed a law requiring the installation of solar water heaters in all new homes (except high towers with insufficient roof area).  As a result, Israel is now the world leader in the use of solar energy per capita with 85% of the households today using solar thermal systems (3% of the primary national energy consumption), Estimated to save the country 2 million barrels (320,000 m3) of oil a year, the highest per capita use of solar energy in the world.



Open-loop systems or Thermosiphon solar heating system is both simple and economical. . The solar collectors located on the roof. No pumping is required as the hot water naturally rises into the tank through Thermosiphon flow rule.

 They are best suited for warm regions, because they operate with potable water only. An electric backup makes up the energy deficiency.



Closed Loop Systems are also called Forced circulation systems and use electrical pumps, valves, and controllers to circulate water or other heat-transfer fluids through the collectors. This enables a high degree of flexibility in the positioning of the system components. For example, the tank can be installed in a basement. In addition, the system can operate with a series of collectors to supply heated water to several large tanks, making it suitable for hotels, swimming pools and other commercial applications. While the calculation is Daily water consumption per individual 30-50L



ECOSOLARIS' central installations for home and commercial use provide heated water in very large quantities by using an array of collectors. The number and size vary according to the water heating requirements. These installations are the perfect solution for apartment buildings, hotels, hospitals and industrial plants. They are generally backed up by conventional energy sources. Central installations can be operated with large storage tanks of over 1000 liters or with small individual storage tanks for each consumption unit.








1.43 - 6 RISERS






2.0 - 8 RISERS

2.2 -10 RISERS

2.8 - 13 RISERS

2.8 - 14 RISERS





* For close loop system

  • All risers are made from copper pipes Sch. 40

  • Receptor panel are painted with Black chrome that generate more heat than regular black paint.

  • Glass extra clear in thickness of 3.2mm enabling a ensuring high transparency of sun ray.

  • Polyurethane insulation 25-30mm to avoid heat loss to the environment.

  • All our products are tested in 12 BAR and nominal operation pressure is 8 BAR.

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