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ECOSOLARIS Thailand has 40 years experience and is a leading company in innovation, design, production and installation of solar water heating systems for Israel and the international markets. Our commitment and vision is providing services of the highest quality, we are truly passionate about renewable energy and have the experience to provide you with the right solutions.  All water heaters include internal enamel linings that guarantees reliability over many years, as well as an abundance of hot and clean water. We now provide our state of the art solar water heating in Thailand.


The key to ECOSOLARIS’ legendary performance and efficiency lies in our unique solar collector design. For example, independent testing shows that ECOSOLARIS system, with only one solar Black Chrome collector panel, outperforms similar competitor products with two solar collectors. Not only are these applications resourceful, they also contribute to a healthy environment by preventing air pollution plus money & energy saving.


All ECOSOLARIS Thailand's products are of the highest quality, and are produced in an innovative factory under the strict supervision of the Standards Institution. As well as the international ISO 9001:2008 standard.  The company primarily focuses on providing quality water heating solutions to residences, hotels, and industrial complexes.


ECOSOLARIS Thailand's solar collectors have a power output of 3,300-9,300 kcal/day, with various finishing options according to the client’s request: pre-colored galvanized steel sheet or aluminum frames, transparent or shatterproof solar glass. The solar heaters are produced in volumes of 80-300L, and equipped with backup electrical heaters. 

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