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The unique Pexgol piping is produced from a special plastic resin placed which is irreversible cross-links between adjacent polymer chains. The result is a thermo-plastic material with a fortified 3D molecular structure that assures its very high dimensional stability even at extreme temperatures.

Material And Properties


PEXGOL pipes are made of high-density polyethylene resin (HDPE) with a high molecular weight (HMW). Polyethylene resin (PE) is a long chain composed of carbon atoms, with two hydrogen atoms attached to each carbon. The cross linking process removes two hydrogen atoms and creates free connections. The free carbons are linked across the molecules to form a three dimensional structure (PEX). PEXGOL has gone through a high pressure and temperature chemical process, creating connections between carbons from adjacent PE chains, making a complex 3D network of cross-linked PE molecules.

This improves the properties of ordinary polyethylene, boosting its chemical durability and flexibility. PEX pipes are designed for working pressures of up to 24 bars, withstanding temperatures up to 110°C, but they can also withstand temperature surges up to 120°C.


PEXGOL™ PEX pipes are cross-linked by PEX-a: Organic peroxides.

PEXGOL Pipe Advantage


  • Temperature resistance up to 110°C.

  • Designed for a minimum 50 year lifetime.

  • Excellent abrasion resistance.

  • Superb chemical resistance.

  • High corrosion resistance.

  • Slow creep resistance.

  • High flexibility.

  • Extra smooth internal surface.

  • Reducing unnecessary pipe joint.

The Pexgol boreholes versatile system is compatible with all the leading pump manufacturers: Grundfos, K.S.B., Pleuger, Wilo-Salmson, DAB, EMU, EMS and others.



  • Flexible piping enables installation in only a few hours, rather than days or weeks, producing substantial saving in skilled labor and heavy equipment costs

  • Field-proven installation clamps guarantee a firm grip for the life of the pipe. These clamps ensure a positive grip on wet or oiled pipe surfaces, producing substantial maintenance savings over time.

  • Seamless interaction of power cable, conduit pipe for water level probe and rising pipes.

  • System permits and enables the attachment of multiple accessories.

  • Piping is easy to retrieve and reattach for preventive maintenance. No refurbishing needed





  • Cross-linked polyethylene combines longitudinal flexibility and radial toughness

  • No need for supporting cables

  • Easily coiled and transported

  • Robust pipe with thick walls are impervious to scratches and pinholes

  • Always maintains its round shape

  • Easily supports the total system weight: heavy pump, heavy motor, water column and its own weight.

  • Pexgol pipes are approved for potable water in Germany, France, Scandinavia, England and in the USA.



  • Flexible Pexgol rising main pipes, in diameters of 32-315 mm, have been installed in more than 250 boreholes worldwide.

  • The first Pexgol pipes were installed as rising main pipes in boreholes 15 years ago.

  • Developed and first put to use more than 30 years ago.

  • Designed and manufactured for a minimum lifetime of 50 years.

  • Pexgol pipes have a 10 year guarantee.



PEXGOL™ pipes are justifiably regarded as the “high-tech” of the pipe industry. Their enhanced properties, such as resistance to high temperatures, harsh conditions, and abrasion, as well as PEXGOL’s excellent long-term durability, have revolutionized the applications of sanitation, infrastructure, industry, slurry transportation, pumping water and more.


Use of PEXGOL pipes in industrial and mining applications worldwide is constantly increasing due to the obvious advantages of PEXGOL pipes.


PEXGOL pipes have been installed in more than half a million INDUSTRIAL buildings as well as in hotels, hospitals and office buildings worldwide. PEXGOL Plastic pipe production processes are supervised by many international standards institutes and the company has earned the prestigious ISO9001 certificate.

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